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Buyer who is looking for a similar home Buyers who are looking for a similar home
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How does our home valuation tool work?

Based on your property address, we generate a computer estimated market value of your home. Your market value is a starting point in determining a home's value and is not an official appraisal. Once you have submitted your home's information, we will follow up with a custom report that an experienced agent on our team will generate on your behalf!

How does your home stack up to the competition?

Selling your home for the highest value in the shortest amount of time isn't just about your home's estimated value. It's as essential to understanding the dynamics of your market and your competition. Using our platform, you'll be able to quickly see the homes that have been recently sold and just listed that directly impact your home's value!

What factors go into calculating a home's value?

Many factors go into a calculation of your home's market value. A computer-generated estimate relies on publically available information and local market transactions. Computer estimated calculations would never be as precise as an agent generated report, because of the hundreds of factors that go into assessing the value of your home. We're excited to give you an estimate and dive deep with you to get accurate market value for your home!